Repixeling vs. Retargeting. What’s the Difference?

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is a form of digital advertiser where website & app owners tag and then serve targeted ads to users who have visited or triggered an event on their web property.

Repixeling is the act of retargeting someone else’s web property. In other words, you’re not tagging visitors who have visited your website so you can serve them ads later, but you’re instead tagging visitors who have visited a complimentary business’s web property so you can serve ads to them ads later.

Common Use Cases for Retargeting & Repixeling

Let’s say you own a hiking shoe store, and you’ve started running digital marketing campaigns. You realize that 99% of visitors that visit your store don’t buy, so you decide to tag the users who visit your site but don’t purchase and serve those visitors digital ads later. That’s traditional retargeting.

Your retargeting campaigns are extremely effective, but you soon realize that you’re limited in scale by the number of people who visit your website. So you decide to not only start tagging your visitors, but you also contact a local hunting store and place a pixel on their website, the most popular hiking apps and you put a pixel in their apps, and all of the top hiking blogs, and you start tagging and serving ads to those complementary visitors too. That’s called repixeling.

It’s worth noting that physically putting your pixel on someone else’s website isn’t allowed on Facebook Ads (it’s only compliant on non-social ad networks), but via Repixel, you can leverage Facebook’s “share pixel” functionality to employ the same tactic while playing by the rules, without leaving their ecosystem.

The Benefits of Repixeling

By building alliances with non-competitive companies in the same industry and retargeting their users, you can reach more people that you are certain are in your target market. Because most major ad networks such as Facebook Ads & Google AdWords make you pay for every impression or click that you serve, by repixeling, you’ll tend to see lower customer acquisition costs and higher value from the customers that you acquire, yielding higher ROI campaigns than traditional prospecting.

How Do I Repixel?

The easiest way to get started is to sign up for the Repixel marketplace by going to There are tens of thousands of advertisers and thousands of “site owners” (sites & apps that will allow you to repixel their web properties) eager to work with you. The service is just getting rolled out to the masses, but head over now to make sure you get early access.

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