What is a Repixel CPM and What Should Site Owners Set It To?

One of the very first (and most important) decisions you have to make as a site owner in the Repixel marketplace is how much to charge.

What is a “CPM”?

In traditional online advertising, CPM represents the “cost per thousand impressions.” So if you own a website and you’re selling ad space, if you sell 543,937 impressions to an advertiser at a $6.28 CPM, the advertiser will be charged (543,937/1,000)*$6.28=$3,415.92. In other words, they’re buying 543.9 blocks of 1,000 impressions at $6.28 per block.

In the Repixel marketplace, you’re not selling ad impressions, you’re selling the tagging of visitors to your website to be retargeted later, but pricing is set in the same way. So if you get 543,937 visitors per month and your CPM is $6.28, you’ll make $3,415.92 per month per advertiser that is repixeling you.

The advantage of being a site owner in the Repixel marketplace over traditional ad sales is that you get paid by advertisers when they come to your website regardless of if they click on an ad.

What Should I Set My CPM To?

Needless to say, aside from generating more traffic & higher quality traffic, setting your CPM is one of the easiest ways for you to increase your site’s profitability on Repixel, so you want to be thoughtful when making the decision. It may be tempting to get a quick win by from your existing advertisers by increasing your CPM, but keep in mind that setting your CPM too high will make you unattractive to new advertisers that otherwise might have wanted to work with you. The best practice is to stay around the average for Repixel’s entire ecosystem (~$1.00) unless you have a very niche product (typically something rare or expensive) or a website with visitors that are close to making a purchase of some kind (i.e. a reviews website), in which case you may be better off charging a bit more.

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