Guide to Facebook Business Manager & Ad Accounts

In order to use many aspects of Repixel (and many aspects of Facebook in general), a Business Manager & Ad Account are required. Please use the simple guide below to determine if you have them, and if not, how to create them.

First, Do you have a Business Manager account?

– If yes: Please continue to the next step.
– If no: Please create one by clicking here and following the instructions on the screen.
– If you’re not sure: To determine if you have a Business Manager account, please go to If you see “business_id=” in the URL, you have a Business Manager account.

Next, do you have a Facebook Ads account?

– If yes: You’re all set. Please return to Repixel.
– If no: Please go to the ad account section in Business Settings. Click the blue + Add button & select Create a New Ad Account, then follow the instructions when prompted.
– If you’re not sure: while logged into Facebook, head to In the top left of the screen, you will see a dropdown with your name. Click that, and if you see your business show up in the menu, you have an ads account. If not, you do not.

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