Getting started with managed listings is as easy as…

1: Sign in to your Business Manager & navigate to your Business Settings by clicking here. If you have multiple accounts, when prompted, select the account of interest.
2: Next to “People” at the top of the screen, click the blue “+ Add” button.
3: When prompted, enter the email address “”, toggle “Admin access” to On, and click “next”.

Please let us know if you would like to enroll in auto-approve below.

By selecting yes, we will automatically accept every “repixel request”. This is recommended for most blogs. By selecting no, we will reach out over email every time you receive a “repixel request” and ask if you would like to let the advertiser retarget your visitors. This is recommended for businesses that sell goods & services in a competitive space.

​Once you hit Submit, you may close all of your Repixel tabs. There is no further action needed from you, but please remember your username & password as you will need to login to transfer your earnings to your bank account. We’ll take care of the rest.

Please note, in order for us to confirm you are the owner of your the email address entered above, you will be receiving an email from us in the next 24 hours. Please make sure to reply.

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