How to Execute an Effective Repixel Campaign

When it comes to online advertising, any experienced professional will agree that there isn’t a single silver bullet. The only way to figure out what works best for you and your company is to test, test, and test some more. With that in mind, regardless of your role in the Repixel marketplace, it’s difficult to craft a single recipe for success, but below are a few tips & tricks to help you beat the learning curve.

Tips for Site Owners

  • Be very thoughtful about setting your CPM. You might be tempted to increase your CPM and earn a quick buck from your existing advertisers, but setting your CPM too high will make you unattractive to new advertisers so think hard about trying to strike the right balance.
  • Add all of your websites. If you have multiple web properties (brands, blogs, websites, etc), don’t hold back. Advertisers will need to request one at a time (there’s no way to combine multiple web properties into a single audience), which means in order to get maximum exposure & revenue, you’ll want to list them all and give advertisers as many options as possible.
  • Be quick on approvals. We have a saying internally at Repixel: “time kills all deals.” If someone wants to work with you today, that doesn’t mean they’ll want to work with you tomorrow. Circumstances change, the advertising landscape changes, and people just change their minds! But once advertisers are setup and repixeling your site, they are far less likely to cancel than during the initial inquiry time period, so when you get a repixel request, if you want to work with the advertiser, login and hit approve right away.

Tips for Advertisers

  • Create lookalikes. Once you’ve found an audience that works for you, scale it fast, but keep an eye on your frequency within Facebook Ads. If you find your ad frequency creeping up to more than 4 or 5 in a 30-day period, you should consider throttling your spend so you don’t come off as spammy. Keep the direct repixeling going, but look for scale by spinning up a lookalike – if you’re not familiar, a lookalike is exactly what it sounds like. Facebook will analyze the retargeting audience and create a new audience that “looks like it.” It’s incredibly effective. If you haven’t already, definitely give it a go!
  • Think outside of the box. Sometimes the best audiences aren’t in your industry. Need some help brainstorming? Don’t be afraid to reach out! We’re here to help.
  • Request new site owners. Have someone in mind that you’d like to Repixel but they aren’t in the Repixel marketplace? Don’t be shy – drop us a line any time and let us know you have your eye on them. We’ll get the message to our sales team and make sure they follow-up right away.
  • Start small and scale up. As you approach Repixeling for the first time, keep in that if you’re on the fence about a particular site owner, or the CPM that they’re asking for, don’t be afraid to test small. If it doesn’t work, just pause the campaign – no harm, no foul, and hopefully in the end, you wind up with a killer new monetization lever for your organization.

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