Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Make More Money From Your Blog

Writing a blog is tough work. You spend hours brainstorming, putting together outlines, writing amazing content, the works, and if you’re successful, eventually you might be rewarded with getting a lot of great, quality traffic to your site. Mission accomplished! Well…sort of. There’s just one piece left: monetization. There are a lot of great ways to turn those hard-earned visitors into money, and here are a few of our favorites:

1) Sign on Affiliates: There’s a big world of affiliates out there that want to promote their products and many of them are willing to pay top dollar to get their link(s) on your website. They’ll pay you for impressions, clicks, product placements, the works. Sign up for a network such as Commission Junction or ShareASale and watch the proposals start rolling in. As you add links to your website and start generating affiliates & brands revenue, you’ll get a piece of the action.

2) Sell Your Own Products: Selling someone else’s product through an affiliate network is a great start, but once you see what works, make your own! For example, let’s say you own a “Food & Drink” blog and you start out by promoting a handful of different products through affiliate networks and you get a 20% cut on all revenue. Once you see a product starting to get good traction, stop promoting theirs and create your own brand to promote and lock in 100% of revenue!

3) Sell Ad Space: Selling ad space is as basic as it comes, but it’s one of those fundamental boxes you just need to make sure you’re checking. Assuming you don’t have the resources to build out a sales team and bang the phones looking for advertisers, give AdSense by Google a look. You can easily plug into their network (it’s a drop & drop feature on most CMS’s like WordPress), and you can start selling your ad space to their customer’s (which is obviously A LOT of people). As you might expect, they take a cut, but until you have the bandwidth to cut them out, it’s a great place to start.

4) Sell Memberships: Not a fit for every blog by any means, but depending on your niche, customers are oftentimes willing to pay memberships for amazing content, so it’s something to consider.

5) Use Repixel: Once you start selling ad space, you’ll soon start to realize that there are only so many ad units you can squeeze into a page without coming across as spammy. There’s also only so many offers you can promote, only so many affiliates you can sign on, etc. Every monetization trick is seemingly limited…except for one, Repixel. Repixel is a marketplace that lets advertisers add a snippet of code to your website so they can “retarget” your users, which is just a fancy way of saying they’ll tag your users so they can serve ads to them later. For example, let’s say you run a wine blog. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of wine brands, subscription, and stores out there that would pay a very pretty penny to retarget your visitors. List your website on, set your price, and start fielding offers! There’s no limit to the number of people you can let retarget your visitors, and the more that join, the more revenue you can realize from every person that visits your site.

Monetizing a blog isn’t easy, but if you’re up for the challenge, the lifestyle & payoff can be more than worth the effort. Keep plugging away, getting creative, and of course, creating amazing content for your readers.

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