As An Advertiser, What Event Taken by Visitors on the Site Owner’s Website Do I Pay For?

Summary: As an advertiser, you are billed for each page view that the website you’re repixeling receives, and Facebook’s match rate is not 100%, so not all visitors will be targetable. In addition, every website has a certain percent of repeat visitors. Please make sure to keep this in mind when setting your daily budget and max CPM bid.

More info: When looking at your Facebook Ads Audience tab, you’ll notice that the amount of data points that you’ve bought from the site owner you’re repixeling doesn’t match the number of people in your targetable audience on Facebook. There are two common explanations for this:

  1. Match rates. In order for Facebook to allow you to target someone on their platform, they need to know who that person is. But if the visitor to your site owner’s website is not logged into their Facebook account when they visit, or maybe they’re not a Facebook user at all, Facebook isn’t able to identify the profile and he or she will not appear in your targetable audience.
  2. Repeat Visitors. It’s not uncommon for people to visit a website multiple times, or visit multiple pages of a website in the same session. Facebook will be able to de-duplicate the user’s profile in their system, but because Repixel doesn’t have access, we aren’t able to de-duplicate on our end causing a mismatch.

Important note: As noted in our Terms of Use, match rates vary significantly from site to site, and due to a misconfiguration by a site owner or other events outside of our control, can even be zero. Repixel has no visibility into the targetable audience sizes recorded by Facebook within your Ads account, but given most CPM’s, you should know within the first couple of dollars spent. With that in mind, advertisers, not Repixel, are responsible for monitoring their audience sizes and refunds will not be given for low, or even 0% match rates. It is Repixel’s recommendation that you set your daily budget very low when you launch a new campaign and once you’re comfortable with the match rate, scale up from there while continuing to monitor for any changes.

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