As An Advertiser, What Size Audience Do I Pay For?

Summary: when running Repixel campaigns, you might notice that your targetable audience in Facebook Ads is smaller than the number of pageviews shown by Repixel on a site owner’s listing. The two main reasons for this are match rates and repeat visitors.

  1. Match rates. In order for Facebook to allow you to target someone on their platform, they need to know who that person is. But if the visitor to your partner’s website is not logged into their Facebook account when they visit, or maybe they’re not a Facebook user at all, Facebook isn’t able to identify the profile and he or she will not appear in your targetable audience.
  2. Repeat Visitors. It’s not uncommon for people to visit a website multiple times, or visit multiple pages of a website in the same session. These occurrences are counted as multiple pageviews, but of course would only be one person to target.

Important note: As noted in our Terms of Use, match rates vary significantly from site to site, and due to a misconfiguration by a site owner or other events outside of Repixel’s control, can even be zero. Repixel has no visibility into the targetable audience sizes recorded by Facebook within your Ads account, but given the size of most websites, advertisers typically know within the first couple of days. With that in mind, advertisers, not Repixel, are responsible for monitoring their audience sizes and refunds will not be given for low, or even 0% match rates if they’re not reported in 24 hours.

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