Amplify Your Site Monetization Efforts by Paying Attention to Micro-Interactions

When you’re looking to monetize a website, there are a couple of big swings you can take such as AdSense, Affiliate, Repixel, etc., and one way to see a nice lift on all of the above is by paying close attention to the smaller details. Each interaction a user has with your page goes into their overall impression of the website & your brand. These smaller details are often referred to as micro-interactions.

Some examples of micro-interactions are:

  • Playing a video
  • Clicking a button
  • Downloading an ebook
  • Creating a password
  • Adding a favorite

All these micro-interactions play their role in giving a good or poor user experience, and in users’ deciding to return or set aside the website as a whole. Such micro-interactions make a website more efficient by optimizations to the smallest detail. You can consider developing them for any of these website types. Here are some ways micro-interactions can help you reach your goals:

  • Functionality. Needless to say, if a button doesn’t work, or if it works improperly, it leads to user impatience and limits their attention to further browse the website. You need to keep readers engaged and encourage them to go on searching for useful information and solutions. Added functionality typically leads to more pages viewed, which oftentimes correlates with revenue.
  • Navigation. Providing users with help as to where they should go next, what they should do after viewing content, where they should click to receive a detailed report, etc. Easier navigation means a better experience and better visitor retention.
  • Engagement. In an era when websites tend to focus on usefulness for the visitors, practical interactions rule as micro-interactions. But what if they were combined with some entertainment that keeps readers engaged? This increases time spent on the page, and typically as a result, monetization.

All of the above should help to reduce bounce rate and increase time on site. We hope to have given you a clearer grasp of what micro-interactions are and why they count. Knowing all these about them might better guide your website building process and integrate what works best.

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