Is Repixel Facebook and GDPR Compliant?

Yes. Repixel has been through Facebook’s app review process and received their approval to operate. It is also fully compliant to use under all GDPR restrictions.

In this day and age, you can never be too sure when it comes to data privacy. Privacy law and ad network compliance is a moving target and not a topic that Repixel takes lightly. With so much information flowing through the web, it can be tough to keep up, but when it comes to using Repixel, fortunately, the rules and regulations are actually fairly straightforward as they boil down to just two main categories: GDPR compliance and Facebook compliance.

GDPR Compliance: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a sweeping new set of rules created by European lawmakers to do as the name suggests: protect user data, particularly when it comes to personally identifiable information (PII). Attached with routine company monitoring and heavy penalties, it’s not something taken lightly by companies that operate with EU consumers, as Repixel does. But fortunately, GDPR actually does not impact Repixel’s core product offering as it’s not a data brokerage or collection company, but instead is a company that facilitates the easy exchange of pixel access through a different company that collects and stores data: Facebook. In fact, here at Repixel, we don’t store even an ounce of retargeting data, personally identifiable or otherwise — all of the pixel sharing is done directly within Facebook’s built-in “share pixel” functionality without ever leaving their ecosystem. With that in mind, all data is collected, stored, and used in the exact same way as a traditional retargeting campaign, so as long as Facebook is GDPR compliant, so are you.

Facebook Compliance: But just because something is GDPR compliant (or compliant in general), doesn’t mean it’s been approved by the ad network. For example, Facebook doesn’t allow certain images to be shown on their ad network, even though legally speaking, you would be welcome to post those images on the Internet. And when it comes to apps built on top of Facebook, they’ve really buckled down over the past couple of years with an increasingly rigorous app review process. Rest assured, Repixel has been through this app review process and received Facebook’s approval to operate, as seen in the screenshot above. In addition, when it comes to sharing pixels, Facebook recognizes the value to advertisers and has streamlined the process by building the functionality directly into their Events Manager interface:

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