​As a Site Owner, What Exactly Do I Get Paid For?

As a site owner, you are paid by each advertiser for each page view that your website receives at a price that’s set by you. For example, if you receive 10,000 visitors per day and you set your CPM (cost per thousand page views) to $5, you’ll earn $50/day (you’re selling 10 blocks of 1,000 visitors for $5 each). If you have multiple advertisers repixeling your website, you’ll earn $50 from each of them. Please note that Repixel takes a 20% cut of all funds transferred from advertiser to publisher so always keep that in mind when setting your CPM.

If at any time the CPM price that you’ve set exceeds what an advertiser has indicated they’re willing to pay, the campaign will be paused and you will no longer receive money from that advertiser for your page-views. In addition, if an advertiser’s daily budget is met, the advertiser will no longer buy any more page views from you for the remainder of the day. At midnight, the connection will be restored and you will continue monetizing that advertiser.

Pro tip: For most site owners, we recommend starting with a CPM of around $1.00 unless you have a very niche product (typically something rare or expensive) or operate a website with visitors that are close to making a purchase of some kind (i.e. a reviews website), in which case you may be better off charging a bit more.

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