The Amazing Benefits of Retargeting Someone Else’s Sites

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For over a year now, advertisers have been able to use just one pixel across their various web properties. For example, if you own a Health & Beauty business with 10 product lines, you could spin up just one Facebook pixel, put it on your various web properties, and easily retarget users who bought your lipstick with your eyeliner and people who bought your shampoo with your conditioner. It’s a powerhouse tactic that’s been picked up by more and more clever marketing teams over the past couple of years. After all, if someone just bought skis yesterday, they’re a near perfect person to show an ad to for boots & bindings. There’s a use case for every business.

But there’s no reason to stop there, and companies are quickly expanding their strategies in search of more scale and lower CPA’s. For example, let’s say you own a company that sells in-home workout equipment — here are a couple of ways that you could take your “external retargeting” strategy to the next level.

  • Blogs: You could place your Facebook pixel on workout & bodybuilding blogs and retarget their most recent visitors. If you managed to get a pixel placed on something like that would be the world’s most profitable campaign.
  • Review Sites: Do a Google search for “best at home workout equipment,” then reach out to the review site owners at the top of the SERPs and see if they’ll place your pixel. Needless to say, these visitors are actively in the marketing for workout equipment and worthy of your ad spend.
  • Complementary Products: Reach out to non-competitive companies that share your target audience such as nutritional supplement vendors or eCommerce stores that sell running gear. If someone just bought protein powder & running shows, they’re not a bad person to show an ad to for a treadmill or Stairmaster.
  • Apps: There are countless workout apps out there with nothing but your target audience using them. Target their MAU’s and watch the traffic start rolling in.

It’s worth noting that physically putting your pixel on someone else’s website isn’t allowed on Facebook Ads (it’s only compliant on non-social ad networks), but via Repixel, you can leverage Facebook’s “share pixel” functionality to employ the same tactic while playing by the rules, without leaving their ecosystem. Leveraging this strategy is a win-win for everyone involved. The site/app owner has an opportunity to generate an added revenue stream that doesn’t include littering their web property with more ad units, and the advertiser gets a killer audience. Publishers are arguably more excited about the trend than advertisers as they’re no longer limited in scale by the number of ad units they’re willing to put to their page and the amount of traffic they can generate. Unlike ads, the scale here is unlimited — publishers can add 5 pixels to their website and charge what they want, but it’s also no sweat off of their back to add 500 pixels.

It’s no wonder retargeting web properties other than your own is becoming more of a thing. In fact, you might have noticed that even Facebook has picked up on the trend and recently added a “Share Pixel” button right in the UI that allows account admins to transfer data to another advertiser’s Facebook account. This means that if publishers already have their Facebook pixel down (which most do), you could not only start building an audience with their new visitors, but you’ll be able to use data retroactively and retarget their users/visitors from the past 180 days (the max cookie-window allowed by Facebook).

And Facebook isn’t alone. Work in B2B? While there isn’t a share pixel button yet, the functionality exists to put your pixel on someone else’s website and retarget their visitors on LinkedIn, as well as a number of other platforms.

If you’re an advertiser or publisher looking for a way to get started at scale, check out and sign up for early access. We’re building a marketplace that connects non-competitive companies in the same industry and allows them to easily retarget an unlimited number web properties so you don’t have to reach out to companies 1 by 1. We think it’s the next natural progression in custom audiences, and we’re looking forward to bringing you on.

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